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Default SCAM? EXTORTION? BLACKMAIL? Worst local company ever?

FIRST AND FOREMOST: If people want "Free" legit sources of this info, please refer to the website, all of us tax payers already pay for. (This is the site that Mr. Creed "takes" his info from, and tries to make $199 off you from)

Cliff Notes for those that don't want to read 30+ pages if KCSR is owned by Mathew Creed and Jason Showalter

Mr. Mathew-Michael Creed (Shawnee Resident according to LLC documents, and graduate of Olathe east) Thought it would be a good idea, to put up peoples mug shots, on a searchable ONLINE map.

Yes online mug shots already exists via our fine governments public websites, however Mr. Creed took this "concept" to a whole new level of "Shady" by finding a loop hole in current laws. IE: there is currently nothing stopping him legally from doing what he does.

What Mr. Creed’s website does is in a short version..... He takes the already public information off the county websites, copies it to his website. Then starts by harassing you with a letter in the mail, letting you know that he has posted your mug shot online, and that he is going to promote it. (He then asks for $199 to remove your information from his website) or else………

If you don't pay Mr. Creed the $199 to remove the information at that point, he will then take it to and even greater level of bad. By then sending all your neighbors letters in the mail with your mug shot and your address letting all of them know about your arrest. After that’s done, he moves onto your place of work.

So you see the trend here.... he will keep spreading your info until your so embarrassed you eventually give in, and pay him the $199 to remove it.

He doesn't care if you’re innocent, guilty, or never even make it to trial....
HE WANTS you to pay him $199 to remove it from his site.

At least the government has a soul, and when you are found innocent, or expunged, they take your info down off their websites.

Yes, Mr. Creed wants you to believe that he is doing you a "favor" by letting you know criminals in your area. However, what he doesn't want you to know, is that its all about the $$$$, and that its just a big giant game of extortion, that happens to be legal. (because no laws stop people from copying your info off the government websites)

Basically the long and short is…..if you get a DUI, or got booked for forgetting to pay a speeding, or parking ticket.
Thanks to Mr. Creed.... you are now screwed, and are going to have to pay him $199 if you don't feel like having your neibors and co-workers finding out about it.

In the shortest form, Mr. Creed likes airing EVERYONES dirty laundry.....
And wants to make $199 every time he does it.

My father once told me, that airing people’s dirty laundry, will always end up badly.
Guess Mr. Creeds dad didn't have that talk with him.

PS: I can't even imagine how mad someone will be if they get a DUI, spend $8000 to have it "fixed" only to turn around and have Mr. Creed send stuff to their work place, and get them canned. YICKES, not something I would want to be around.

PSS: Wait till the first person moves into a home that is listed on his site that had an "offender" previously living there. And the people living around you find the website, and think that YOU are the offender.

PSSS: Oh but don't worry, he will give you the Money back if your found innocent.....(to bad the damage and embarrassment is already done. (and maybe your job at that point)
So enough back story.....since he wants to air everyone's dirty laundry...
Here is everything KCSR members have found out about Mr. Matthew Creed, and his business/website. All this information listed below was found via public searches (google)


BlabberMouth Kansas City

6526 Noble Street
Shawnee, KS 66218

(913) 888-BLAB
(913) 888-2522

Media Inquiries can call us or contact us via e-mail at:

Owner & Founder:
Matthew Creed

Owner & Co-Founder:

Like! us on FaceBook:

Here's a great example of bullshit:

"Expungement Policy:
If you have a Profile up on our site that has not been removed, and you were found NOT GUILTY, or some or all of the charges were dropped against you, we will gladly remove those charges from that Profile at no charge. We require legal documentation of the status of your case, including proof of the status of the charges brought against you in writing. If you are unable to submit this information and wish for us to go to the courthouse ourselves and verify the status of your case, there will be a $75 charge to verify the status of your case. In order to start the expungement process, please call us at: (913) 888-BLAB. "

What Other Websites have to say:

Per Wikipedia, public information.

KCHZ (95.7 FM), known as "95.7 The Vibe", is a Contemporary Hit Radio radio station serving the Kansas City metropolitan area with its city of license being Ottawa, Kansas.

KCHZ began targeting Kansas City as a Modern Adult Contemporary outlet on January 16, 1997. The station was initially owned by Radio 2000, Inc. (founded & owned by "Super" Frank Copsidas), and was called "Channel Z95.7". It had several sister stations, including KHTO
Matthew Creed- "Surge" Overnights 12 Midnight-5:30am (Youngest Paid Full-Time DJ in the United States)

He even created his own Wikipedia page about himself.......

His DUI, we all know about. (thanks to him bragging)

Mitchell Peterson Creeds DUI......Matts VERY OWN Brother
Info that he FAILS to put on his own site.
Double standard much?

This doesn't look good Chapter 13....once again public records.
(something Matthew wants everyone to know.)

BET he doesn't have his Fathers Sex Offence Listed on his site
Originally Posted by ScreetHoPrez

Does his site mention that he was fired from his DJ gig because he was caught stealing out of the prize locker? Fast Eddie had to escort him from the premises when he was fired.
Does his site also list his own father who was jailed due to undecent civil liberties with minors?

And here it is, his KS LLC Documents
Originally Posted by doomi View Post
It still just takes two seconds to search the Kansas Secretary of State website for his recorded documents. It's way to late to cover any tracks at this point.

Originally Posted by ItalionStallion888 View Post
Everyone take this link and cross post it to 2-3 websites please, we need to keep pushing this. We almost have a tick in the win category for KCSR.

Lazlo, from 96.5 The Buzz, tweet:

FOX 4 coverage:

Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly.

Video URL:

KCTV5 coverage:

Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly.

Video URL:

Link to text version....

41 Action News coverage:

Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly.

Video URL:

Kansas City Star story:

Kansas City Star FOLLOW UP STORY! (Victory?):
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