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Originally Posted by JohnnyBravo
Originally Posted by Ricerking13
It was fucking leg day... and today (even after stretching and lots of protein) I'm walking around like a grandpa...

Squat- 1x10- 135lbs
4x6- 205lbs

Leg Press- 4x10- 270lbs+sled

Leg extensions- 3x15-120lbs

Hamstring curls- 3x15- 125lbs

Ab work

Calf extensions- 3x20-270lbs

It's not a ridiculous workout... but my fatass is worthless today because of it, lol... I don't even want to look at my legs, for fear I'll fall over...
Are you kidding me? That's it? That was your leg workout?

I was going through some things in my safe deposit box today and found some of my late Grandmother's old papers. One of the things I found was her workout log and it appears that she was actually working legs harder than you and she was in a nursing home.

It's bad enough that my 12 year old niece could probably squat more than you, but to actually take the time to post such a weak ass workout and then have the nerve to cry about it? Come on. Do you put little pink umbrellas in your protein shakes, too?

I thought you were an MMA fighter. I didn't know MMA stood for Mary Poppins Mama's Boy Asshole.

I'm about 15 years older than you, have had surgery on one of my knees, and have a brutal fucking cold and I am STILL training harder than you, you homo.

Give Paris Hilton her leg workout back, get your shit together and start hitting the gym like a man.
Listen here you geriatric senile old bastard...

I'm not a fighter... by god I wish i was...

I'm a financial planner, that sits on his ass all day and has to drink at night to deal with the drama during the day...

Though this leg workout was weak... I'm still down 27lbs from my heavy days, and I'm continuing to improve...

The workout was not to an olympian level, not to a UFC fighter level, and certainly not to a kickass sexyass KS lawyer level, but by god, I had a DAMN fine workout... and it kicked my ass...

So I'd appreciate it, if you'd post nudes of your lovely wife and leave me the fuck alone.
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