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maybe your works firewall:

Here's an article on them

Oakley introduces Cerakote frames

File this one under goes together like chocolate and peanut butter– Oakley is now offering Cerakoted SI frames.
While there is obvious aesthetic appeal in matching your eyewear to your firearm, there may be practical benefits, too. Cerakote is a ceramic based application developed to color guns that resists scratching, prevents corrosion and reduces IR signature.
While plastic frames don’t need rust protection, you’ll appreciate the added scuff protection when snatching fallen shades from the floor of a vehicle.
We’ve been abusing the sage Fuel Cell for a few weeks and can tell you the coating adds some durability. But, our primary concern when first introduced to the idea was with the finish’s ability to stick to the plastic frames. In everyday wear, though, the finish has proven permanent. We went as far as some thermal testing to see if the coating would become brittle and flake off when heated and flexed. The finish proved remarkably adherent after exposure to 200 degree Fahrenheit temps and frame flexing that no set of eyewear would ever see in the real world.
It’s tough to say just how much scuff resistance the coating adds to the shades, though. The frame does resist scratch damage a little more and the color doesn’t flake off as sometimes happens when thinner coatings found on traditionally coated and colored frames are scratched through or otherwise weakened.
The flat finish has enough of a texture to keep things in place without abrading an earlobe. And heat doesn’t make the finish tacky, as can sometimes happen with a think application of spray paint.
In all, the new coating adds a modicum of durability to the frames while adding some firearm lifestyle appeal for just a couple dollars more than the regular version. Oakley is offering the Fuel Cell in Cerakote sage, green and black.
Head over to Oakley’s US Standard Issue to get a set with your military discount below the $120 MSRP. And, check out Oakley’s USSI Facebook page where they are giving away of ten sets of the new shades.

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