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BlackBerry CEO: If I Could Build A ‘Secure Android’, I Would

There have been a number of rumors circulating over this year already and ones which have caused a mass of headlines to emerge off the back of them. The most recent and possibly the most intriguing emerged last week when reports surfaced suggesting that BlackBerry might release an android device. This one in particular, garnered a lot of attention thanks to the seemingly distant relationship between BlackBerry and its own operating system and that of android. Not to mention, that in spite of what seems to be an increasing sliding of the market share occupied by BlackBerry, there are a number of consumers who are still (or at least would be) interested in a new BlackBerry device. Especially, one running on Android. As such, the rumors did cause quite a stir.
Well, to add to the stirring, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has appeared in a video interview this morning and made some interesting comments. During the interview, Chen is quickly asked (and by his reaction seemingly not expecting it) about the rumors surrounding an android BlackBerry device. In his response, Chen does not admit that BlackBerry are working on one, but he does not deny they are either. In fact, his comments were along the lines that BlackBerry only build “secure devices” and if he could build a secure android one, he would.
Of course, none of this does mean that BlackBerry are building one or even thinking about building one. However, what it does mean it that they are not adverse to the idea of building one. Not to mention, that if they can find a way to build a device which runs on Android but also offers the security expected by BlackBerry users (both former and current) then that will be something they would seriously be considering doing. Either way and at the very least, this latest snippet of information is not going to do much to help the fuelling of speculation that an android BlackBerry smartphone is coming. Those interested can watch the brief interview (and even briefer android comments) by clicking the source link below.

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