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Originally Posted by milanoGSRteg View Post
We dont negotiate with allies errr "terrorists" - Obama
Regan & Ollie North swapped cocaine for guns with the Contras in Central America (Contragate) then swapped the guns to Iran for American hostages (Iranagate) and you blame Obama?

I love idiots who blame Obama every time it rains. But oddly they also blame Obama every time the sun shines.

The whole Viet Nam War was our support of drug dealing terrorists
Pictures of CIA agents standing next to mule trains of opium are quite telling. Every US soldier that died in Nam, died to support a government that got fat and rich off opium. By the way, it wasn't under Kennedy. Ike sent the 1st troops and CIA in 1954 when the French got the butts kicked.

Try reading some history. The English, the Russians and others have gotten beaten over and over again by the Afghans. There's no F***** way we can win there. No one else has.
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