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Originally Posted by Jefferson View Post
It sounds to me like you have several issues. Electrical is one, and I agree that the engine is not grounded to the frame. Make sure there is no paint underneath the ground strap. The running fine to running poorly to dying sounds like you have a fuel supply issue. The next time it happens open your gas cap and see if there is a large whoosh of air going in to the tank. You may have a plugged vent hole in the cap and thus you run out of fuel due to the vacuum being pulled on the tank. Also make sure your petcock is flowing sufficiently. Have you taken the petcock out of the tank? They have a mesh screen in the tank that may be plugged enough that fuel flows too slowly. What is happening is you are using the fuel out of the carbs faster than it is being put back in. When you let it sit the fuel slowly fills the carbs back up. Then again, do you have a vacuum petcock? If you have a prime setting on the petcock see if it runs fine on that setting. It may be a petcock issue.

  • Only thing that has changed for the ground is to one side of the frame to the other. Clean ground, no paint, keeps the ground during all electrical functions
  • It runs fine then immediately slows in RPM and dies
  • I just installed brand new fuel lines and fuel filter. Clean flow of fuel also. The petcock has been removed not to long ago for inspection. Screen and everything else looked brand new and operational.
  • I'll inspect the tank and vacumn. It is a vacumn petcock with a prime setting. I will try running it on that, what is the function for that setting? Will it hurt anything if it is ran on prime?
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