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Originally Posted by dylanjacobus View Post
That looks pretty clean for an old one. I went and looked at that white 96 that is on there right now and the interior on it is trashed and it leaks oil like a sieve. Some old lady owned it and never took care of it.
If there's no oil under it, there's no oil in it... ?

That white 96 has been on craigslist for a LONG time, was there when I was buying my Rover in November! Driven and neglected seems to be the story with most Rovers unfortunately. Mine was bought by a dad for his high school daughter to drive to school, and they did absolutely no maintenance to it. Leaked power steering fluid as fast as you could put it in, front seats torn and covered with leopard duct tape, suspension and steering all factory original with the tie rod boots pretty much not even existing; I'm really surprised they still had it on the road.

I've been doing some cleaning up to it, it's worlds better than when I bought it but I still have a long list of things I want to get done on it too. Looking at my pics I didn't realize the corner is hanging off my front bumper, I must have missed that screw
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