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Originally Posted by Madrat View Post
Giving up rights for safety or because of fear is against American philosophy.

Dumb America! fuck yeah!
First, driving isn't a right. Second, running a red light is illegal. I'm all for something that, in theory, helps stop red light runners. You'll have to forgive my support for these cameras since I've seen them work over and over again.

To answer one of your earlier posts too; those intersections where accidents increased were when cities improperly used red light cameras (i.e. decreased the length of the yellow light). Where they are used properly, they work. Simple as that. Are they a way to increase city revenue? Absolutely. All tickets do that. Be it a ticket for parking too far from the curb or going 50 mph over the speed limit. If anyone has problems with that, please refer to my first sentence in this post.
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