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Originally Posted by doomi View Post
IIRC, the only nice thing about section 8 is that the government picks up the tab, so you don't have to worry about deadbeats not paying. You just have to worry about your house being destroyed... but that's an issue with any renter, not just section 8.
This is true, but I like to think that I can pick my tennant a bit better. I went through about 25 before settling on who I have at the moment. Plus, I personally think, as a rule of thumb, the nicer the place, the less likely they will destroy it (again, most of the time). Plus, like I mentioned before, it is easier to liquidate in nicer areas. If I was going to go the Section 8 route, I'd just buy the biggest, cheapest buildings, use builder grade stuff and let them have at it. Which, I know a few people that have gone that route and done very very well for themselves.
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