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A long haul from Gardner? Are you pedaling?

It continues to be the 19th of this very month, in the year two thousand and fifteen AD.

We are meeting at my fucking house. I suggest being there around 10-10:30. we can get something to eat, ride to said motorcycle show. Ride around over off 435 and Missouri highway N for a while. maybe wind back down on K32 through Bonner, maybe hop onto Holliday drive, wind around through Shawnee, then back to my fucking house.

Unless someone knows of a better route.

Other Karlen
Rapey Russel and the sodomites, possibly two.
Possibly my brother
The rumpleforeskin on the other end of I35 has yet to confirm.
My buddy from Baldwin.
Karlen claims to have made friends and one might come. (Karlen has no friends)
My neighbor down the Streat.
I am clearly a racist asshole.
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