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Default Who's at fault

I was wondering who is at fault in a parking lot. Ok so I had just gotten out of school and went out to my car to go and head home. As I was driving down the parking lot in extremely have traffic a kid came out of no where and hit the side of my car with his bike. He cause about 1000 in damage, the damage is on the drivers side of the door. But The thing is is that it was in the school parking lot and he was riding his bike in the cross walk. I know you may think I'm a idiot but my car wasn't moving and a bus was sitting right in front of the sidewalk that merged with the cross walk so neither of us could see each other. But I was reading online that you cannot ride your bike throught a crosswalk and your suppose to walk it so you don't give up your rights as a pedestrian. It also said that as soon as he rides his bike into the street or cross walk he is given the rights that any automobile driver has. He also had headphones on and was listening to music so he coudnt of heard me and I was the one with the right away who is at fault. Also my insurance company said parking lot no fault but I fell that if he would of been following the laws this would not have happened please help my parents are so pissed of. I also did not call the police, the main reason why is because the kid gets made fun of alot and I felt bad for him and didnt want to embarrass him in front of people but I fell like he barreled himself when he hit my car. What should I do
He also had no injuries after he ran into me he picked his bike up and started to walk off so I told h to get in the parking lot and wait to exchange information. I also took pictures of the damage what now?
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