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Originally Posted by MadSpleen_85 View Post
I am still scratching my head at what KMBC believes they uncovered in their "Investigation".

Street racing in Kansas City is far from a new thing.

Shutdown the ONE place where anyone can legally race and you expect everyone to just disassemble their built cars and find a new hobby? Yeah a few might go out and find a new hobby but, the majority have too much invested and are not going to drive out to Topeka for a few passes, when there is open street in the same city that shutdown the local track. You reap what you sow.

Their report looked like they went out maybe two nights. They didn't reveal anything other than the locations where the races commonly occur, the popular locations that you could probably find posted on the internet for all to see.

I haven't been out to the races in at least five years but, the story over exaggerated everything. You can hear someone firing a gun, as a marked patrol car pulls up with lights flashing... I went to the races countless times over the years and as far as I can remember, I only heard gunshots once, and it was unrelated to the races.

KMBC led up to this "Investigation" with video and brief report of the teen killed in the "street racing crash" on Hillcrest between Bannister Road and 87th Street.

The "anchors" said something about "Diane Cho has been working on this Investigation for a month." Wow! A whole month? She must mean business! /sarcasm

I am not trying to make light of the death of a teenager but, lets get the facts straight before we try to bunch one deadly street race (in broad daylight on a roadway which is far from ideal), with the organised street races.

I was hoping for more from someone associated with KCIR. All KMBC could manage to squeeze in was a two sentence quote thrown in at the very end? All they could get from the Police Department was one officer's opinion? Come on!

Also threw in that they are going to have "more" about this on the morning news. Hard to tell it is November Sweeps. Everyone has their tacky giveaways going begging people to watch them.

^^ exactly they say and explain it like if we was a threat .. no even in video its a empty street we was on smh news reporters anything for attention
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