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Originally Posted by 6-Bolt2g View Post
Still having some weird issues.

It runs great at idle and running through all the gears to 6th at every throttle position. No back fire or pops coming off throttle, plugs look like they should, little brown/gray.

When in 6th or any gear for a period of time it will bog down in RPM, no throttle response and slowly die. Then will very slow crank. Let it sit for awhile and it re-starts and it goes through the same process again.

Carps are sync'd. Reading 14-15 cmHg

Fuel level in the bowls is "estimated" from my manual but NOT set with a fuel level gauge. I am thinking this is my problem, may have it still too high and it's pulled way to much fuel. I tried draining some out but it ran terrible at idle.

I feel as if I am so close. Thing runs great.
Hope you get the bugs figured out pal, I'm ready to ride!
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