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So got a few pics from this past weekend, back at Talladega GP. I tested up to the next group so yay I get to drill holes in screws and safety wire my bike. But now I get faster people to try and keep up with. Also finally got to use my pucks, kept freaking me out though as Im not used to it.

Gonna break until end of Sept or early October. Too fucking hot. Was 96 with a heat index of 107. Tire was working a bit too hard.

Originally Posted by BuddyLee View Post
Looks like you could reach out and touch your neighbor too.
Townhomes. I live in the city and anything with 4 exterior walls that doesnt come with a dead crackhead in it is starting at $600k. Shit, my two-story 3 bedroom (2200sqft) is going for $300k, the new 3 story ones are $500k+. Although this one is perfect for me, communal spaces are on the ground floor and the garage is actually LARGER than the 3 levels. Oh, and Im only responsible for "walls in." No exterior maintenance, no landscaping. All done by HOA. So I get to travel a lot and all I have to worry about is the dog.

The rest of CoL in Altanta isnt bad, especially given the wages, but housing is fucking HIGH. Rents are even worse, my ex moved into 725sqft for ~$1200

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