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Originally Posted by Ryan Stewart View Post
Oh and here is my rig. E91 3 series, Execuhitch and a Kendon SLR fold-up trailer (these are great, folds up onto casters and slides up against the wall. Dont let anyone tell you that you need a truck. People in Europe tow boats with cars, a puny little sportbike and a naked trailer weighs less than a few dudes and some luggage.

I fit my overnight bag, tool box, a box fan, 10x10 pop-up, Yeti, all my riding gear and TWO stands (the Bursig and the FG rear stands) and still have the passenger seat free. A little better organization and Ill have room for a 2000w generator (so I dont have to rely on renting power or a buddy for juice).

Car doesnt do shit on the way. Done a 4 hour trip with no evidence that Im hauling save for taking a little longer to get to 80 than usual and the occasional "click" from the slight play from the hitch to the ball when going over a big bump (well that and the bike looking like a murderous OWL staring in the back window).

Looks like you could reach out and touch your neighbor too.
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