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Originally Posted by BuddyLee View Post
I wish I had the balls to buy a bike. I know I would love it. As a single dad and pretty much the sole provider I am terrified of being taken out by some asshat motorist not paying attention.
I waited way too long for the same reason. I finally said fuck it in 2015. The only thing I've regretted is waiting so long to finally do it. My only previous experience on a motorcycle was me hopping on a friend's little cruiser bike many years ago and somehow running it into a mailbox. Lol. So yeah, I took the Basic Riders' Course through the MSF. I picked up a used 2009 Ninja 250, rode that for a year and when I felt comfortable for more power, I moved on to a 2014 Honda CBR650F. Now I'm itching for a BMW R1250RS but trying to hold off for now. I do still enjoy riding the 'soulless' 650F.

I've heard that riding bikes will sour you toward cars but that hasn't been the case for me. I still enjoy the hell out of driving my C5 Z06 and SS sedan... maybe because I drive a slower 650F and haven't put out the cash for one of those fast exotic bikes yet.

As Ryan mentioned, being older helps us to control ourselves a bit more I think. I'm probably a couple years older than you. If I had a bike as a young guy, it's more likely that I wouldn't be here today. I'm not saying no young person should buy a bike but remembering some of the dumb stuff I did in cars back then... well ya know.
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