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Originally Posted by ForcFed93 View Post
I did some serious looking before I ended up getting a ZJ Jeep for a DD.

My search was about the same as yours and to be honest, they're either expensive and nice, or cheap and junk. You won't find one in the middle.

Not to mention, you'll be down an arm plus a leg for the maintenance and the cost of repairs.

If you're looking for a hobby, I'd say you'd have to weight the cost/benefits. If you're looking for a cheap, fun, reliable DD, stay far away.
My e30 will still be my DD, I just can't kill that car.

The Rover/(other SUV) will be a 2nd vehicle. Other than fun outings to get off the beaten path, it will be mostly driven on days with crappy weather, if I need to haul something, or if more than 1 other person needs to ride with me somewhere.

I've heard arguments either way on maintenance costs and reliability. Some people have done nothing but minor repairs that any other vehicle of that age/mileage would need, and been fine to 200k+ miles. Others have dropped thousands in the shop just to keep it on the road. Price on parts seems to be a debated issue as well. Some say parts are high, while others say parts cost much less than similar vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, etc). The same was said about BMWs, parts are "high" but I've never had such a cheap-to-maintain car as my e30.

And you are right, they seem to be expensive and nice, or cheap and crappy. The ones that are cheap and in decent shape sell in an instant. I passed up on a smokin' deal a while back and have kicked myself ever since.

What other vehicles even come close to the combination of on-road/offroad capabilities? Land Cruisers always come to mind, but to find one in my price range it will have well over 200k miles and be pretty much junk. Nothing from Jeep appeals to me, 4runners and Pathfinders are "meh", Troopers are junk, and the full-size Montero (non sport) is tough to find that hasn't been beat to hell.
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